Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Creator Among Us

Posted: 02 Jan 2013 06:00 AM PST
Read John 2:7-116:8-139:1-34. What do these texts reveal about creative power of God?
Each of these miracles gives us a glimpse of God’s power over the material world that He Himself created.
First, what kind of process would be required to change water directly into wine? None that we know of. Indeed, it took an act outside of the laws of nature, at least as we now know them, to do what Jesus did here.
In the miracle of the fish and loaves, Jesus started with five loaves and two small fish and ended with enough to feed a multitude and have 12 baskets of leftovers. All the food was made of atoms and molecules. At the end, there were many times more atoms and molecules of food than when Jesus started to feed the crowd. From where did the additional molecules come, if not by the supernatural intervention of God?
Furthermore, what physical changes occurred to the blind man when he was healed? He was blind from birth; thus, his brain had never been stimulated to form images from the messages sent by the eye through the optic nerve. So, his brain had to be rewired in order to process the incoming information, form images, and interpret their meaning. Next, there was something wrong with the eye itself. Perhaps some photoreceptor molecules were produced incorrectly as a result of a mutation in his DNA. Or perhaps some mutation had occurred at birth in the genes that control the development of the parts of the eye-the retina, optic nerve, lens, etc. Or perhaps some mechanical damage had occurred that prevented the eye from functioning properly.
Whatever the details of the man’s blindness, the words of Jesus caused molecules to form in appropriate places, forming functional receptors, neuronal connections, and brain cells so that light entering the eye would form an image, and the man would have the ability to recognize images that he had never before seen.
Miracles are wonderful when they happen, but what is the danger of making your faith dependent upon them? Upon what, then, must our faith depend?

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  1. Clifford:
    02 Jan 2013 Our God is a Creator of all things and Human beings including the Scientists.No negative views concerning God's creation,however sinful we're,but He still loves us!
  2. Kimberly Shay:
    02 Jan 2013 Jesus' first miracle at the wedding reminds me there are better things to come, and it will be far better in my future than it was in my beginning. The loaves and fish miracle tell me of the unending blessings He wishes to bestow on us. Healing the blind tells me God has promised to open our eyes to His truth.
  3. Yakwan Lapet:
    02 Jan 2013 He makes us smile when he turn the water into wine .Enjoyment & Peace is found in him; We are filled when we are hungry; Physical& Spiritual; He makes us well when we are sick; He is the great physician. In this sinful world/life, this parables are my hope or reminder that someone there would make my life beautiful.

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